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2024年1月13日雅思大作文示范写作 | 规划未来 or 进入此刻

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  Some people think it is a waste of time for individuals to plan the future and it is more important to focus on present. To what extent do you agree or disagree?




  Inarguably, everyone's path to life's revelation is different; some are accustomed to pondering over the unknown future for more readiness , while other are used to concentrating on being for more mindfulness. Both approaches will be explored in this essay.



  revelation 启示n.

  ponder over 思考 v.

  unknown future 未知的未来

  readiness 准备n.

  being 当下n.

  mindfulness 正念n.

  Body 1

  Seeing whether there would be a smooth road ahead allows one to reflect on one’s past, thus changing for the better. Budgeting for a lavish vacation amid an unstable employment, for example, could require one to examine previous binge shopping spree — which should be refrained from. Comparably, preparing for declining physical fitness in retirement may lead someone to change their irregular lifestyle that they have lived since middle age. An absence of this prophecy is a calamity. Inadequate long-term planning can have particularly severe consequences for immature youngsters who, as a result, fail to develop visions and missions that are essential during difficult times. This also holds true for adults, ripping much greater void separating their ambition from their status quo.



  a smooth road ahead前方平坦的道路

  reflect on 反思

  budgeting 为某事做预算

  binge shopping spree 购物狂欢

  refrained 克制

  declining physical fitness 日渐下行的体质

  irregular lifestyle 不规律的生活方式

  prophecy 预言 n.

  calamity 灾难 n.

  severe consequences 严重后果

  visions and missions 愿景与使命

  rip greater void 撕裂虚空/加大差距

  status quo 现状

  Body 2

  On the other hand, the benefits of making life arrangements beforehand are a bit less solid for certain groups. Difficulties in revealing one’s inner voice mean that contemplating one’s future may end up being simply swayed by others’ opinions or on a whim; going with the flow could allow for more adaptability, which is a key ingredient of personal flourishing. The previous Covid-19 pandemic slashed thousands of jobs in either tourism or international trade, while some newly furloughed successfully rebounded from the rock bottom, rebooting their new career by channeling their desire to have a control over life. Being present-focused also holds sway for people without much confidence. Without looking ahead in a gloomy perspective, they could execute daily plans with more effectiveness, rather than buying into common misleading belief that best future exclusively comes from planning.



  Beforehand 提前

  solid 结实的/可靠的

  revealing one’s inner voice表达自己内心的声音

  contemplating 思考v.

  swayed 被影响adj.

  on a whim 一时兴起

  going with the flow 聚焦此刻

  adaptability 适应能力

  flourishing 繁荣

  slashed 削减

  furloughed 休假的/被裁员的

  rebounded from the rock bottom从谷底反弹

  rebooting 重启

  holds sway 扮演重要角色

  looking ahead 提前预判

  execute daily plans 执行日常计划

  buying into 相信

  misleading belief 有误导性的思想

  exclusively 仅仅地


  To conclude, I believe that clinging to upcoming life plans is not a universal antidote to mounting uncertainties. While this futuristic mindset can certainly be beneficial to some groups, living for the moment or entering the moment carries more significance for others. Therefore, it should be up to individuals to decide which pathway ensures more new possibilities.



  clinging to 坚持

  antidote 解药

  mounting 越来越多的

  uncertainties 不确定性 n.

  futuristic mindset 未来主义的思维模式

  entering the moment 进入当下

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