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1.a big shot=an important person大腕儿,大亨

2.a breath of fresh air使人耳目一新的人


4.be all ears洗耳恭听

5.be all eyes目不转睛

6.a wet blanket讨人嫌的人

7.chip in=contribute money捐献,集资

8.sell like hot cakes=sell very well or very quickly畅销

9.get butterflies in one’s stomach=get nervous紧张不安

10.two thumbs up举双手赞成

11.be the apple of one’s eye=be very precious to sb.非常珍贵

12.pull one’s leg=tease someone开某人玩笑

13.break one’s back辛勤工作

14.twenty-four seven=24 hours a day,7 days a week=all the time永远,一直

15.go for a song=be sold very cheaply贱卖

16.bucket down=rain very heavily瓢泼大雨

17.backroom boys幕后英雄

18.below the mark=not measure up不够水平,不合格

19.beyond compare的,最棒的

20.break even不赔不赚

21.by the book照章办事

22.cast a cloud over泼冷水,是蒙上阴影

23.castles in the sky/air空中楼阁

24.as clear as a bell非常清楚

25.clear the air消除误会

26.come to terms达成协议

27.shed crocodile tears假装哭泣,假慈悲

28.cut corners走捷径

29.do’s and don’ts行为规范

30.face the music面对现实

31.fair and square正大光明的

32.first things first先说重要的

33.forgive and forget尽释前嫌;握手言和

34.get the ball rolling使蓬勃发展

35.a knockout引人注目

36.a man of few words沉默寡言的人

37.a rainy day不如意的日子

38.all thumbs笨手笨脚的;一窍不通的

39.ants in one's pants(skirt)坐立不安

40.as mod as sb.与某人一样时髦

41.at one's finger's tips了如指掌

42.at sixes and sevens混乱的

43.backseat driver指手划脚的人

44.bite one's head off大发脾气

45.black sheep不孝子女

46.blow one's top怒发冲冠

47.break one's neck痛打一顿;拼命做某事

48.break the ice打破僵局;打破沉默

49.bring down the house掌声雷动

50.burn a hole in one's pocket花钱如流水

51.buy your story相信你的话

52.call it a day今天到此为止

53.Capital idea好主意

54.cold fish冷酷无情的人

55.dark horse黑马;冷门

56.daylight robbery价钱贵到离谱

57.dear Jones letter绝交信

58.dirty dog卑鄙小人

59.eat one's words承认错误

60.every Tom,Dick and Harry张三李四

61.flat tire没精打采

62.from A to Z从头到尾

63.go on the horse快一点吧

64.God knows天晓得

65.gone with the wind随风而逝

66.good for nothing毫无用处的

67.Great minds think alike!英雄所见略同。

68.happy go lucky乐天派

69.have a big mouth话多的人

70.have it both ways权衡两方面

71.have time off休假

72.have words with sb.口角

73.hit of the show表演中最精彩的一幕

74.hit the high spots达到高水准

75.hit the sack睡觉

76.hold one's tongue保持沉默

77.I.O.U=I owe you我欠你;借据

78.in hot water遇到麻烦

79.in the hole遇到经济困难

80.in the long run从长远来看;终究

81.in the soap遇到麻烦

82.keep one's head镇定

83.keep one's shirt on不动手打架

84.keep punching继续努力

85.kick off开始干某事

86.kill two birds with one stone一石二鸟

87.knock it off别再讲下去了

88.Knock on wood.说话禁忌;赶紧讨个吉利。

89.let the cat out of the bag泄漏秘密

90.let nature take its course顺其自然

91.like a cat on hot bricks热锅上的蚂蚁

92.like a turtle on its back对事情束手无策

93.lousy clichés陈词滥调

94.make a hit出风头

95.make my mouth water使我垂涎

96.master key钥匙;关键

97.neck and neck不分上下

98.need other's shoulder希望得到某人的安慰

99.no sweat没问题;不用冒汗

100.No money,no honey.没有钱,哪有爱情

101.odds and ends零碎的工作

102.off color身体不爽

103.on pins and needles如坐针毡

104.once in a blue moon机会难得;绝无仅有

105.packed like sardines拥挤得象沙丁鱼罐头一样

106.pain in the neck极讨厌的人或物

107.past master技艺精湛的人

108.pipe course容易的课程或工作

109.plain sailing一帆风顺;轻而易举之事

110.pot calling the kettle black五十步笑百步

111.pull a long face拉长脸不悦

112.put sb。in the ring和某人赛一场

113.rain or shine不论晴雨

114.row in one boat从事相同事业;相同命运

115.royal road容易取得成功的捷径

116.run of the town轰动一时的人

117.salt of the earth/world社会中坚

118.second sight超人的预见力

119.shoe is on the other foot今日不同往昔

120.side money外快

121.sixth sense第六感

122.slowly but surely稳扎稳打

123.speak the same language志同道合

124.spill the beans露马脚

125.stand on one's own feet独立自主

126.stay out O.P.B/other people's business不要管别人的闲事

127.step on one's toes触怒某人

128.sugar report情书

129.Sunday dress的衣服

130.take a back seat处于默默无闻的地位

131.take French leave不辞而别

132.Take it or leave it.别讨价还价,接不接受随你便

133.take one's hat off to表示尊敬佩服

134.take things as they come既来之则安之

135.talk big讲大话

136.talk of the town非常流行的东西

137.talk through one's nose骄傲自大

138.tall story难以置信的故事

139.be the spirit真有道理。

140.throw cold water on泼冷水

141.Tom,Dick and Harry一般的人;普通的人

142.turn the tables扭转局势

143.under the sun世界上任何地方

144.visit John上厕所

145.walking dictionary知识渊博的人

146.welcome to the party现在你总算懂了!

147.What's the catch?你这是什么意思?

148.when in Rome do as the Romans do入乡随俗

149.white lie善意的谎言

150.with open arms热烈欢迎

151.without fail一定


153.be all wet完全错了

154.get no say无权说话

155.got me there难住我了

156.leave sb.in the cold.太令某人扫兴

157.That’s your story!那是你编的!

158.stick with sb紧跟着某人

159.put oneself together!加把劲!

160.It’s a no-no!万万不可!

161.Suit me fine!太适合我了

162.Time will tell!时间会证明一切!

163.same old story又是那一套

164.Boys will be boys!本性难移!

165.Easy come easy go!来的容易去也快!

166.be Greek to sb.某人完全不懂

167.small potato小人物

168.big potato大人物

169.couch potato整日呆在沙发上看电视的人

170.wait on hand and foot招待的无微不至

171.waste one’s breath白费唇舌

172.watch one’s P’s and Q’s注意小节,有礼貌

173.weigh one’s words斟字酌句

174.wheels within wheels错综复杂之理由

175.win a name出名

176.win/lose by a neck以微小之差险胜/惜败

177.window dressing报喜不报忧

178.wishful thinking如意算盘

179.worn to a shadow疲惫不堪

180.ups and downs有喜有悲

181.under one’s breath轻声细语

182.under one’s thumb在某人支配之下

183.turn the clock back时光倒转

184.turn a deaf year不加理睬

185.tit and tat以牙还牙

186.that’s that就此而已

187.stay the course坚持到底

188.six of one and half a dozen of the other半斤八两

189.shoulder to shoulder齐心协力地

190.set one’s jaw咬紧牙关;坚持到底

191.see the world见过世面;见多识广

192.second to none的

193.second thoughts重新考虑

194.safe and sound安然无恙

195.root and branch完全地;连根拔除

196.read between the lines明白其言外之意

197.over and down with到此为止;结束

198.follow suit鹦鹉学舌;学样子

199.gain ground有进展

200.break a leg大获全胜





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